AvTime is the easiest and quickest way to find exactly what you need when you need it and at a good price. For example, services, housing, car parts, hairdressing salons, everything you can imagine. And what is the best? That you do not waste your time. You just need to write down what do you want and all the users of the application will receive your request in the appropriate category and you will be able to receive the best service. You can communicate, send pictures, files, add contacts, show your location.


The application has two types of users, but at the same time they can be simultaneous.
1. Offeror (provider of services or seller for example)
2. Consumer

To start using AVTime, you must first download it to your device. And install it. (links to Google Play)

After you need to authorize the application, you can do this by completing the simple registration form, after which it will be necessary to confirm the e-mail,
or you can use your social network accounts to be authorized.

After authorization, it is advisable to fill in the profile information, which will help you to use the application

If you are the "Offeror" then you need to choose a category in which area you offer something, you can also choose several categories, but if you do not want to receive all the requests in the category, then we suggest filling in the field "specify your offer or skill" in which case you will receive requests , which will coincide with your keywords in a particular category (you will be able to do this at any time when start using the application we suggest do not fill it field).

If you want to find something then you need to go to the section of my requests and simply add what you need in the relevant category and just wait for someone who has registered and in the profile marked the same category and he will like your question interesting, he will answer you.

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